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Takayuki Nakano, tonal030 (6'12)
download (14.2MB)
22.09.2002. Takayuki Nakano - electronics

The Stools, egg (11'40)
download (4.67MB)
21.03.1988. Collective improvisation. Instruments: piano, charango, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harmonica, quena, drums, voice, TV set
- egg was originally rough-edited using two cassette-tape recorders; for computer-based fine-editing tools, I had to wait for another ten years.

Takayuki Nakano, comes sabotag (48'47)
--> available at UbuWeb Sound - Takayuki Nakano (111MB)
CD album released in 2000; for details see discography

The Stools, James (8'51)
download (3.54MB)
29.03.1990. Collective improvisation. Instruments: charango, violoncello, electric bass, drum machine, percussion, voice, electronics

Takayuki Nakano, crazy (23'00)
download (10.5MB)
06.10.1984. Takayuki Nakano - guitar and electronics

Takayuki Nakano, tonal036 (8'22)
download (19.1MB)
20.02.2003. Takayuki Nakano - electronics

--> Historical: some realaudio recorded circa 1997

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