Answers from Dr. Kromm - Basic, Compendium

KBS-01: What range is "50CP of Rader"?

Q: What range is "50CP of Rader(CI)"?
(By caine)
A: As per p. CI63, 50 points buys you just the basic power with 0 range. Each additional point buys you 1 yard of range, or 1 mile of range if you choose the "low-res" option.

KBS-02: Does Pyromaniac character do criminal acts?

Q: If "Pyromaniac" Character have a chance to set biulding,forest etc... on fire, does he do such criminal act?
(By caine)
A: When and where a pyromaniac will set fires will depend on his morality. If he's a basically honest person, he won't go around committing arson (at least not on purpose); he'll confine his fire-setting to targets he thinks are "safe." That said, he most likely will eventually set a fire that gets out of hand.

KBS-03: Can I parry weapons with bare-handed?

Q: My question is about bare-handed parry. When I read BASIC SET, I found "Parrying weapon with bare-handed is -3 if it is not thrust attack" in P.101, but I also found "You can't parry weapons with bare-handed (with Blowling skill), except contact-range weapons" in Blowling Skill, P. 50.
(By Mihity)
A: You can parry swung weapons using your Brawling parry (2/3 skill) at -3; you can parry thrusting weapons at no penalty. Yeah, the rules are a little confusing -- this is the result of bad editing of the changes between the second- and third-edition rules. Sorry!

Editor: Summery Sardine