These are information around GURPS, one of famous roleplaying game system. This site is not official, but maybe helpful for GMs and players.

Answers from Dr. Kromm

Dr. Kromm is the Official GURPS Net Guru. He answers mails from GURPS users. Here I introduces some of these answers from him.

Currently I'm introducing questions by GURPS Translator's ML members.

Answers from Dr. Kromm (Categorized)

Basic, Compendium
KBS-01: What range is "50CP of Rader"?
KBS-02: Does Pyromaniac character do criminal acts?
KBS-03: Can I parry weapons with bare-handed?
KF-01: Can Deathtouch use with "Hit Location Rule"?
KF-02: Does Stench affect to Anosmia characters?
KF-03: And, does it affect to undeads?
KCY-01: Is cyberwear useless in the character making?
Science Fiction
KSF-01: Do Super/Mega Reactionless thrusters need power?
KSF-02: Can I reload a magazine?
KSF-03: How many Targeting programs must I install?
KSF-04: How to aim under dogfighting?
KSF-05: Doubling the weight increase armor divisor?
KSF-06: Giant Force Swords are too much weak! (Under preparation)
KSF-07: Is impaling bonus applied to mecha and robots?
KX-01: How many mails do you have in a day?
KX-02: Can I translate and distribute FAQ&Errata?
KX-03: May I translate SJG web site? (Under preparation)
KX-04: [New] May I make GURPS words list?


If you have asked Dr. Kromm about GURPS, please post the Q&A to me!

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