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KCY-01: Is cyberwear useless in the character making?

Q: In cyberpunk situation, cyberwear needs character points; for example, "Extra Hit Points(5CP/Hit Point and $10000)"(CY34). This is equal "Natural" Advantage "Extra Hit Points"(CI24). But, cyberwear needs also money.
I feel that in the character making, cyberwear is useless. because "Natural Advantage" needs no money.
(By Technoadept)
A: During character creation, cyberwear costs points only. Perhaps the character received a windfall, was the subject of experimental surgery, worked at a job where cyberwear was a fringe benefit, etc. Whatever the case may be, he does not pay money for cyberwear he enters play with. In other words, the natural and cybernetic versions of an advantage are functionally identical at character creation.
In play, cyberwear costs money (and maybe points -- see below). If a character gets the cash together and is willing to sit out the action as he spends weeks or even months in surgery and recovery, he can have whatever cyberwear he can afford. This raises the point value of the character by the point cost of the cyberwear. Some GMs treat this as a "free" increase that costs dollars but not character points; other GMs require the player to pay off the cost with earned points as well. The final decision is up to the GM, though.
The main advantage of cyberwear is that a character can acquire new advantages in play, which is generally impossible.

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