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KSF-01: Do Super/Mega Reactionless thrusters need power?

In upper-left of P.81 says "The only thrusters need power are ducted fans and reactionless thrusters". Meanwhile, I can see "Super Reactionless" and "Mega Reactionless" thrusters in thruster table, P.80. They are not only Reactionless. Do they need power?
(By Mihity)
A: Reactionless thrusters are reactionless thrusters, whether they are regular, "super" or "mega." All require power.

KSF-02: Can I reload a magazine?

In APPENDICES, P.93, it says about hand-held weapons' magazine. Magazines are throwaway things? Can I reload a magazine?
(By Mihity)
A: Magazines are basically a convenient way to carry ammunition around and quickly load it into a weapon. You can throw them away if you want to, but most are too expensive to waste like that, and all are reloadable.

KSF-03: How many Targeting programs must I install?

About P.94, Software, I must run multiple Targeting program for each of Gunner skill I'll use?;If my mecha uses machine gun and particle beam, must I install two other programs to add each skill? Regardless of I don't use them at same time?
(By Mihity)
A: You need one Targeting program per gunner. This adds to all Gunner skill rolls made by that gunner for any weapon. The Targeting program is not specialized to a specific Gunner skill. If there are multiple gunners, though, each will need to run his own copy of the Targeting program (but you only need to buy one copy).

KSF-04: How to aim under dogfighting?

Q: In GURPS MECHA, how to aim under dogfighting? Dogfighting mechs moves wildly, so it seems hard to aim, but fighters launch missiles, and even shoot down enemy with automatic vulkan(sometimes), how to resolve that?
And, dogfighting "rounds" are 10 sec. rather than normal 1 second per turn. If they can do aiming under dogfight, how many seconds they can aim?
(By Mihity)
A: Dogfighting combat is a simplified *cinematic* system that is radically different from regular GURPS combat. There's no aiming or snap shots -- the direct-fire phase lets you shoot at no penalty for not aiming and no bonus for aiming, using all the usual modifiers (range/speed, size, neural interface, active targeting, targeting computer, etc.). The idea is that you used some of your 10 seconds of maneuvering to get a bead on your foe, but you weren't able to just sit there aiming.

KSF-05: Doubling the weight increase armor divisor?

In Giant Force Swords, page 110, says "doubling the weight and... adds...+2d(5) imp. damage and +4d(5) cut. damage.". I can't understand this damage incleasing formula much. Is this inclease armor divisor? Or is this mean that armor divisor is remain as "5"? For example, if I make a Giant Force Sword that have twice weight and cost, this damege is 4d(10) imp. and 8d(10) cut.? or divisor is still 5?
(By Mihity)
A: The damage divisor is explicitly mentioned in order to make it clear that the added damage for big swords also gets the divisor. If you add +2d(5) to 4d(5), you get 6d(5). If we had just said "+2d," it would suggest that damage becomes 4d(5)+2d, which would be incorrect.

KSF-06: Giant Force Swords are too much weak!

Sorry but nou under preparation.

KSF-07: Is impaling bonus applied to mecha and robots?

Q: Laser is impaling type attack. And Mecha weapon table also says it's true. Is this impaling bonus apply to mecha and robots?
(By Mihity)
A: Impaling damage is doubled after DR to reflect the shock and blood loss caused by a deep wound inflicted on a living being. Impaling damage is NOT doubled for normal, mechanical mecha and robots; exotic "machines"
made of living tissue would take extra damage, however.

Editor: Summery Sardine