Answers from Dr. Kromm - Bare-handed parry

Question by Mihity (GGG).

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On 22 Jul 98 at 12:02, GGG wrote:
> My question is about bare-handed parry. When I read BASIC SET, I
> found "Parrying weapon with bare-handed is -3 if it is not thrust
> attack" in P.101, but I also found "You can't parry weapons with
> bare-handed (with Blowling skill), except contact-range weapons" in
> Blowling Skill, P. 50.

You *can* parry swung weapons using your Brawling parry (2/3 skill) at
-3; you can parry thrusting weapons at no penalty. Yeah, the rules are
a little confusing -- this is the result of bad editing of the changes
between the second- and third-edition rules. Sorry!


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