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This is one of Kamui Shion's achievment. He is trying to translate English GURPS resources into Japanese.

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On 20 Sep 99, at 2:16, Shion Kamui wrote:
> I was out for my summer vacation for a long time... :)

I hope it was enjoyable!

> the list I want to make is type of dictionary... Just to make a list
> of English GURPS words (from manuevers, programs... etc) And put
> Japanese translation next to it.

Sounds like a good idea.

> Oh, if I can also add a page reference, it will be great!

This is probably necessary to make it useful, yes.

> I want to make a Japanese-English dictionaries of GURPS. However,
> listing them in some categolies(spells, manuevers..etc) will be
> helpful.

As long as you are just listing items and putting sensible
translations next to them, that is fine. It is listing full
game stats that would be a problem.


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For Japanese users, English-Japanese dictionary for GURPS would be much helpful.

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