Answers from Dr. Kromm - Seven questions on GURPS Mecha and Magic

Questions by Mihity.

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> In upper-left of P.81 says "The only thrusters need power are ducted
> fans and reactionless thrusters". Meanwhile, I can see "Super
> Reactionless" and "Mega Reactionless" thrusters in thruster table,
> P.80. They are not *only* Reactionless. Do they need power?

Reactionless thrusters are reactionless thrusters, whether they are
regular, "super" or "mega." All require power.

> In APPENDICES, P.93, it says about hand-held weapons' magazine.
> Magazines are throwaway things? Can I reload a magazine?

Magazines are basically a convenient way to carry ammunition around and
quickly load it into a weapon. You can throw them away if you want to,
but most are too expensive to waste like that, and all are reloadable.

> About P.94, Software, I must run multiple Targeting program for each
> of Gunner skill I'll use?;If my mecha uses machine gun and particle
> beam, must I install two other programs to add each skill? Regardless
> of I don't use them at same time?

You need one Targeting program per gunner. This adds to *all* Gunner
skill rolls made by that gunner for any weapon. The Targeting program
is not specialized to a specific Gunner skill. If there are multiple
gunners, though, each will need to run his own copy of the Targeting
program (but you only need to *buy* one copy).

> Do you have no plan of reprint this book, you don't?

We will reprint GURPS Mecha eventually -- possibly for the autumn of

> Does Stench affect to Anosmia characters?

The suffocating gas causes them to choke and take damage, but they
won't be able to smell the bad smell.

> And, does it affect to undeads?

No. The undead don't breathe at all.

> About:your work...
> How many mails do you have in a day?

Dozens of letters, sometimes more than 100. A lot of them are from
writers and co-workers, however.

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