Answers from Dr. Kromm - Translation of SJG web site

Kamui Shion, one of most famous GURPS evangelists in Japan, asked Dr. Kromm about translation of Steve Jackson Games web site.

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On 25 Aug 99, at 0:07, Shion Kamui wrote:
> When I'm translating S. John Ross's homepage, I found some good
> articles. But some of them are linked to SJG's homepage(Pyramid
> sample cgi).

Before translating anything linked into

. . . you must clear it with Pyramid magazine. I cannot grant
you permission there; you have to write to the editor, Scott
Haring, at <>.

Re: Kadokawa
> I'm still waiting for a long time, but they give me no answer. That's
> why I wrote the last mail again to Steve Jackson...

We have given Kadokawa *exclusive* rights to produce Japanese-
language GURPS; that's how licenses work. We own GURPS, GURPS
Lite, Pyramid, etc., but we cannot authorize a second party to
offer GURPS material in Japanese without Kadokawa agreeing. As
Steve Jackson told you: you *must* get Kadokawa's blessing for

> I think this means I can translate SJG's homepage without GURPS
> Lite.

That seems to be what SJ said, yes. Go ahead and translate SJ
Games' home page. Just remember that Pyramid is a special case
(you need to talk to Scott) and that GURPS Lite requires some
input from Kadokawa.


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Now Shion is allowed to translate whole site (except for GURPS Lite)! If you are interested in his translation project, check out his site, Elysium.

NOTE: This answer is permission to Elysium only, but not any other sites.

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